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Moroccan offer of educational places with scholarships for foreign candidates for the academic year 2022/2023

As in previous years, the Kingdom of Morocco makes available to brotherly and friendly countries quotas of educational places with scholarships, in Moroccan public establishments of higher, technical and vocational education, under the academic year 2022/2023.

The information below specifies the conditions and procedures for implementing these quotas:

I General Information

With a view to improving the procedure for implementing the Kingdom's academic cooperation program for the benefit of pàrtner countries, new measures have been introduced for the launch of the program, in particular:

  • Advance notification of quotas from May 2022;
  • The implementation for the 1st time of a pre-registration system (pre-selection of candidates on the main list / waiting list, on the basis of class marks from the final year pending confirmation after the proclamation of the results of the baccalaureate).

These new measures are essentially intended to allow the competent authorities of the partner countries and the AMCI to finalize the operation of selecting candidates early in order to allow the selected students to came to Morocco and start their studies at the start of the new school year academically, in the same way as Moroccan students. 

1. Presentation of application files

Applications for training in public educational establishments in Morocco are subject to the following formality:

  • Submission of application files to the competent authorities of the country of origin;
  • Sending of pre-selected application files to the AMCI through diplomatie channels. Otherwise, they will not be taken into consideration;
  • Preselected applications in accordance with the required admission conditions must be the subject of a single list of names (models attached) downloadable from the AMCI website through the address This ljst must specify, in order of priority and as an indication, the choice of courses for each candidate.
  • For the purposes of the pre-registration operation, the deadline for receipt of application files by the AMCI is the 15th of july 2022, the strict deadline. This operation will be based as follows:
    • On the marks obtained in the final year, for students in the baccalaureate (high school diploma) preparation phase; );
    • On the general average and the marks of the basic subjects obtained in the baccalaureate (high school diploma) examination for baccalaureate holders.

2. Foreign applicants residing in Morocco

  • Foreign candidates residing in Morocco and holders of Moroccan diplomas (High School Diploma, Bachelor's degree, Master's degree ... ) are subject to the same registration conditions as Moroccan students. They must, therefore, go directly to the training institutions (without passing through the AMCI) and can not, under any circumstances, claim the scholarships served by the AMCI.
  • Foreign applicants residing in Morocco, holders of a foreign High School Diploma, are allowed to present their files to AMCI through diplomatic channels. They can not, under any circumstances, claim the scholarships served by the AMCI.
  • Candidates who have acquired Moroccan nationality are subject to the same conditions and registration procedures as Moroccan students. They can not, in any case, benefit from scholarships served by the AMCI. 

3. Graduate student of Morocco

By way of encouragement, the graduate students of Morocco could, if officially nominated by their respective countries, apply for graduate studies without scholarships.

They could possibly, within the limits of the possibilities offered to the AMCI, benefit from the cooperation grant, if they are proposed by the authorities of their countries in the initial list of the official quota.

4. Diplomats in office in Morocco and their families

  • Diplomats in office in Morocco, wishing to continue training are invited to submit their application files to the Department of Cultural Cooperation and Action under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.
  • The children of foreign diplomats in Morocco who wish to continue their studies in public educational institutions in Morocco must present their files to the AMCI, which will submit them to the ministerial departments concerned for examination, in accordance with the conditions admission requirements. Successful applicants can not under any circumstances be eligible for an AMCI gran.

5. Non-civilian candidates

Non-civilian candidates wishing to pursue studies in Morocco are invited to submit their application files to the Department of Cultural .Cooperation and Action under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. 

II Parts of the application file

The application file must include the following documents:

  • Application form (downloadable from the AMCI website through the address ""), duly completed;
  • 02 photocopies of the diploma or certificate of successful completion of the High School Diploma. Candidates submitting certificates of success, must produce their diplomas to their institutions, at the latest, during the 2nd year of training;
  • 02 authenticated photocopies of the marks transcript of the High School Diploma;
  • 02 extracts of birth certificate;
  • 02 photocopies of the passport (if available);
  • A recent criminal record;
  • A medical certificate issued by the public health services attesting to the physical fitness of the candidate and certifying that he/she is vaccinated and is not suffering from any contagious or acute disease, or carrying a pandemic including tuberculosis. The candidate maybe subject to a counter-visit up on his/her arrival in Morocco;
  • 02 recent identity photos, in color, with the name, first name (s) and nationality of the applicant on the back ;
  • Candidates for the Master's degree or Doctorate's degree must provide, in addition to the aforementioned documents, certified copies of their higher education diplomas, marks transcripts and curricula, as well as a dissertation I thesis copy of end of studies /doctoral thesis project. ·

N.B: lncomplete or late submissions will not be considered.

III Conditions of admission

1. Holder of high school diploma

Candidates who are holders of high school diplomas are selected according to the admission requirements for the training requested, open courses and available teaching places.

Candidates must hold a High School Diploma in 2022 or, failing that, 2021, obtained with the distinction "very good", "Good" or "Fairly good", knowing that for some institutions, the High School Diploma of the year 2021 will be required.

The age limit for applicants varies, depending on the institution, between 19 and 23 years old.

An indicative directory, downloadable from the AMCI website through the adress « », includes the list of Moroccan public institutions of higher education, as well as various specific information concerning them, notably the conditions of access, the branches, the duration of the studies, the diplomas issued... 

2. Master's degrees and PhD Candidates

Candidates for the Master's degree course must hold a bachelor's degree, or an equivalent recognized diploma in the requested sector, with at least the distinction "Good".

Candidates for the PhD cycle must hold a Master's degree, or a recognized equivalent higher education diploma, giving access to the training requested. Candidates for these two cycles must specify the sector and establishment requested.

They are, for this purpose, invited to consult the website of the Department of Higher Education:, as well as those of Moroccan universities.

The files of the candidates meeting the general conditions are submitted, for attribution, to the requested educational and scientific commissions of the training institutions. Which committees are the only ones entitled to decide on the definitive registration of candidates.

3. Equivalence of diplomas

ln certain cases, definitive enrollment in higher education institutions in Morocco is conditioned by the presentation of a certificate of equivalence of the diploma obtained, in accordance with Decree # 2-01-333 of June 21st, 2001 on the conditions and procedure for the granting of equivalences of diplomas in higher education.

4. Teaching languages

French is the vehicular language in the majority of training establishments in Morocco, particularly in the scientific, technical and economic sectors. As a result, candidates for the said courses must have a good command of the French language.

The branches of Arabie language and literature and lslamic studies are taught in Arabie. Candidates for these branches must master this language. 

Additional information and application form

You can find it in this document.

Also, For more information on the AMCI, public training institutions, the procedure and methods of registration and stay in Morocco, as well as the settlement of cooperation grants, it is recommended to visit the following websites:

Moroccan Agency for International Cooperation:

Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research: -

Office of Vocational Training and Promotion of Labor:

lnsurance policy:

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