Crossing the Mediterranean - Towards Investment and Integration (MIM)

Univerzitet Ca’ Foscari Venecija

Italija, Venecija
Odnosi sa javnošću (PR)
Master studije
na upit
4 semestra
Engleski, Francuski

Crossing the Mediterranean: Towards Investment and Integration (MIM)

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Univerzitet Ca Foscari Venecija


Programme duration: 2 years

Campus: Linguistic

Language: English/French


Course overview

The Crossing the Mediterranean: towards Investment and Integration (MIM) Master's Degree program aims to offer an in-depth knowledge of southern Mediterranean countries and their interaction with contemporary Europe. During the two-year course, interdisciplinary theoretical skills are provided concerning studies on migration in the Mediterranean area and on intercultural mediation, historical-social skills, tools for qualitative and quantitative analysis, field research techniques and analysis techniques to interpret the data collected.
The course is jointly organized with the Paul-Valéry University 3 of Montpellier (UPVM), and in collaboration with the University of Sousse and the Moulay Ismail University of Meknès.

During the course, special attention is paid to learning Arabic; in addition to this language it will be possible to attend a Hebrew course. The course is taught in English and French.
During the first module, a three-month compulsory stay is planned in Tunisia or Morocco, to further study standard Arabic and Moroccan Arabic, respectively.
The MIM Master's Degree Program is organized in two modules covering two academic years.

  • Module I (September-March in the first year of the course) held at the University Ca 'Foscari (UNIVE), followed by the Complementary Training (April - June in the first year of the course), or a complementary module at a university of the student's choice in the Maghreb (Sousse / Meknès).
  • Module II (September-January in the second year of the course) held at the Paul-Valéry University 3 of Montpellier (UPVM), followed by a three-month internship and a period of preparation of the Master's thesis.


Occupational profiles

The mobility skills acquired in a multilingual environment equip students for professional contexts involving the promotion of sustainable development projects in the Mediterranean area, in Euro-Mediterranean cooperation, in social, cultural, economic and touristic contexts with a more complex vision of the impact of planning in a specific sensitive geopolitical area like the Mediterranean. Students will acquire the competencies needed to enhance the roles of the various civil societies, augmenting and consolidating democratic values, human rights and the legislative role while promoting exchanges and cooperation.


Why enrolling in this programme

  • Theoretical interdisciplinary skills related to studies on migrations in the Mediterranean area and inter-cultural mediation.
  • Linguistic, historical and social skills and tools for qualitative and quantitative analysis.
  • Skills in socio-political planning in an inter-Mediterranean area


Professional profiles

  • Expert in communication and research in ​​the inter-Mediterranean area
  • Expert in cross-cultural mediation in the inter-Mediterranean area

  • Expert in analysis and socio-political planning in the inter-Mediterranean area


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