Italija, Venecija
Master studije
na upit
4 semestra

Language Sciences

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Univerzitet Ca Foscari Venecija


Programme duration: 2 years

Campus: Linguistic

Language: English/French


Course overview

The Master’s Degree Programme develops advanced linguistic and cultural understanding of the chosen foreign language and the ability to interact with multidisciplinary and multicultural research groups. According to the chosen programme, students will be able to examine in depth: the historic-diachronic evolution of the chosen language (philological/informatic methods for the interpretation and editing of texts); the themes and didactic tools for teaching italian as a foreign language and foreign languages to italians; linguistic tools for the analysis of obstacles to language and the linguistic acquisition in cases of deafness; the formal analysis of language; languages, culture and literature of different phases of their development.


Languages that are active for this programme: 
Albanese, Czech, French, English, Italian Sign Language (LIS), Modern Greek, Polish, Portuguese/Brazilian, Romanian, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish, German, Swedish.


Occupational profiles

Students that undertake the Master’s Degree programme in Language Sciences will be able to take on assignments with high responsibility, in the context of language education, including those within the framework of cultural services connected to the multilinguistic and multicultural character of the society; coordination activities in permanent linguistic training programmes and the reception and training in italian of foreign students in schools;


Specialised consultation activities in the sectors of editing and multimedia communication; coordination and teaching Italian to foreigners in the Italian cultural institutes abroad; activities, with roles of elevated responsibility, in the fields of public utility revolving around the intercultural community; professional activities of specialised staff and consultants in medical research (speech, speech therapy, audiological and Neurolinguistics); activities, with roles of elevated responsibility, in the fields of cooperation and international institutes; they will furthermore be able to follow their Master’s and PhD studies.


Students will be able to predict teaching in schools as an occupation, once having completed the process of obtaining a teaching qualification and passed the necessary exams provided by law.


Why enrolling in this programme

  • Advanced training in a foreign language, chosen from the following languages: Albanian, Czech, French, English, Italian sign language (ISL, including tactile ISL), Greek, Polish, Portuguese and Brazilian, Romanian, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish, German
  • Comparative approach in different areas of study: tools for teaching Italian to foreigners and foreign languages to Italians; advanced research tools for the analysis of language disorders, formal language analysis, new technologies for language and language study
  • The teaching takes place with linguistic multiplicity, from the languages of specialization to the vehicular language (English). The possession of communication skills at C1 + level in the language of specialization allows you to act at any professional level


Professional profiles

  • Important responsibilities in the field of lifelong learning, international cooperation and research.
  • Career in institutions and corporations for public services and services for reception, integration and inclusion; in institutions and organizations working in the field of specialized and literary publishing.
  • Teaching in schools once the educational paths established by the current legislation have been completed.

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