Testovi iz engleskog jezika

Uradi test iz engleskog jezika. Testiraj znanje i proveri koliko dobro poznaješ oblast engleski jezik. Test znanja sadrži 15 pitanja.

1. Write the past continuous: Alison/not write/an email

2. There was ______ interesting programme on television last night.

3. _________ the question?

4. “Where are the children?” – “I don't know. They ________ in the garden ten minutes ago.”

5. When he ___________ Jenny again, he will not recognise her.

6. I still live with my parents. If I ___________ alone I __________ happier.

7. There _____ in all hotel suites.

8. We’d like_____on holidays in Wales, please.

9. I ____________ you once I _______________ the B&B.

10. We are writing _____ report on Peru and we are looking for _____.

11. ___ way to get around in Amsterdam is ___ bicycle.

12. Gerald _____________ a lot of money since he ___________ Abby.

13. Look! A man is running after the bus. He _____ to catch it.

14. I bought this car two years ago and I have never repaired it _____that time.

15. I told you _____ the guest in room 25 for the broken lamp.

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