Testovi iz engleskog jezika

Uradi test iz engleskog jezika. Testiraj znanje i proveri koliko dobro poznaješ oblast engleski jezik. Test znanja sadrži 15 pitanja.

1. Jim/design/a new web page

2. Write the past continuous: Alison/not write/an email

3. I don't think there's ______ to worry about. You'll be fine.

4. I ______ walk home last night. There were no buses.

5. There was a ______ bag hanging up by the door.

6. Could you give me ___ about sightseeing in Dublin?

7. The situation is so bad that we can do ______ about it

8. The more I thought about the plan, ______.

9. I ______ the flute in the youth orch estra when I was at school.

10. The British are _____________ hospitable than the Russians.

11. Can you see her? – I ____________, but I ___________ anyone.

12. He ________souvenirs at the market yesterday if he_________ enough money.

13. They chose _____ let him _______to a university abroad.

14. The phone kept _____________, while the travel agent was busy ______________ an e-mail.

15. Your idea sounds very ____ I need more details.

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