Testovi iz engleskog jezika

Uradi test iz engleskog jezika. Testiraj znanje i proveri koliko dobro poznaješ oblast engleski jezik. Test znanja sadrži 15 pitanja.

1. Write the past continuous: Marie/scan/some documents

2. I asked Francis to clean the car, and he did _____ .

3. Libby took another biscuit while her mother _______ .

4. Is there _______ in your coffee?

5. Where have you been? I ______ for you for the last half an hour.

6. He was busy _____ his homework.

7. I could _____ much more for the painting if I'd sold it overseas.

8. If they had realised how tiring it would be, they ______ other sightseeing arrangements.

9. Could you possibly tell me where _______________ ?

10. Why hasn't she arrived? She promised not ________ late.

11. Would you mind ________________ the window?

12. This torch __________ every four years ____________ the ‘Olympic flame’.

13. What time ______ to land?

14. The phone kept _____________, while the travel agent was busy ______________ an e-mail.

15. Look! A man is running after the bus. He _____ to catch it.

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