Testovi iz engleskog jezika

Uradi test iz engleskog jezika. Testiraj znanje i proveri koliko dobro poznaješ oblast engleski jezik. Test znanja sadrži 15 pitanja.

1. Sally/scan/some documents.

2. Write the past continuous: Fatima/download/a new program.

3. I'm still looking for the letter. Have you found it ?

4. The new computer system _____ next month.

5. If I were in his position, _____ her a letter.

6. If they had realised how tiring it would be, they ______ other sightseeing arrangements.

7. We ___________________ the bus. Now we’ll have to walk.

8. Was ________Columbus the first one to sail cross_________ Atlantic?

9. It’s no use___________ him to join us, he keeps __________us down.

10. They warned us it _____ be hot in Jordan.

11. Lunch _____ be in a typical English restaurant, but it was cancelled.

12. Gerald _____________ a lot of money since he ___________ Abby.

13. feel fine this morning, but I _____ very tired last night.

14. Have you found the watch? –––– Yes, I _____ it yesterday.

15. A beef steak can be grilled till it is _____, medium or well-done.

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